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JPKRCEWNVY Server - Views - Fixed an issue where NIFLocateNote operation against a permuted view would time out with error Operation time limit exceeded. This...
NNAICLEE5HServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where domain index searching failed to find attachments which were indexed using Brute Force. This...
TSAOCKZCXMServer - Database - Fixed an issue where database corruption could occur in an ODS 55 database containing a very large number of...
MOBNCKBRT5Server - Active Directory - Fixed an issue with where DirSync would fail for Active Directory users who had greater than 64k in their LDAP...
DCKTCKKQWNServer - Database - Fixed an issue where running dbmt could result in the DAOS catalog going out of sync
BRISCL9M47Server - SMTP - Fixed an issue in SMTP when SPF is enabled with the field "Do not perform an SPF check for the following internet hostnames/IP...
RPAICLFG7VServer - Security - Fixed an issue where web authentication was trying to access the Vault even if web authentication was not set to authenticate to...
BRISCLPTV6Server - Router - This fix lowers the recognition time for dynamic changes made to certain notes.ini (like Deliver to Junk related ini's) and...
MOBNCL9JFSServer - DirSync - Added a DirSync option to fix an issue where rename person docs on a rename are still syncing lastname and firstname fields. This...
UTOOCKD79DServer - Router - Fixed an issue with Router memory corruption caused by very long administrator provided Japanese help text for failure messages on...
MOBNCMSQ3UServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where temporary files were not being cleaned up when full text indexing certain...
MOBNCKSL6EServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where the indexing MIME attachments would index all text twice along with meta data and would not index...
MOBNCN2RDDServer - Domain Indexing - Added an INI to allow an increase in the maximum number of sub indexes that the Domain Indexer will create. The default...
CCAYCNKSPYServer - Startup - Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when restarting the server.
PDARCJ28GAiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where attachments were being lost when sending a calendar invite from iNotes or Verse to non-Domino users. ...
SRAOCPCHW6Server - Performance - Fixed a performance issue related to FIPS provider loading. This regression was introduced in 12.0.2.
RMAACN9JPAServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where full text indexes were not including attachments of type .txt.
THIOCKZA9RServer - Performance - Fixed a performance problem running Domino on Windows 2022
MOBNCKZLBEServer - Directory - Fixed an issue with Active Directory dir sync where if the attribute "mail" was not chosen as an attribute to sync, dirsync wlil...
MKINCNPT3YServer - Startup - Fixed an issue where Domino was not starting a service the first time, if 'always run as a service' was selected
MOBNCNVMZBServer - Directory - Fixed an issue with Active Directory directory sync where if the option "Field to map to shortname" is set, it was not being...
MKINCPCN98Server - Setup - Fixed an issue with IBM i server setup where the TIMEZONE entry for IBM i when in Japanese locale was being set to ZE9 instead of...
DCKTCP5QAKServer - Compact - Fixed an issue where compact was failing to cleanup a previous .tmp file
TSAOCNU737Server - Setup - Fixed an issue in the os400 server setup when used in Japanese locale where the parameter for DAYSAVTIME was being left in Japanese...


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